Case Studies

The following Case Studies reflect a sample of the work we have undertaken for both occupier clients and suppliers, in the UK, across Europe and Global contracts. We are happy to provide other case studies reflecting the type of project that you need support with. 

Partnership Review

A Global FM Provider (the Provider) has a range of strategies to ensure that they understand their customer and ensure that they are constantly and consistently meeting their customers’ requirements.

A key strategy for them is the use of Landmark ‘s Partnership Review because it provides an independent and objective review.

FM Review and Strategy

Our client has operations throughout the country and employs circa 15,000 people in the UK . They are active in more than 200 countries globally, and are one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies.

The project objective was to identify the best value procurement strategy for a UK office and manufacturing portfolio. The strategy considered a range of options ranging from in-house management to full TFM. 


A UK Utilities Business were seeking to understand whether their current service provider was offering good value for money because they were looking to extend the contract rather than going to market. The perception was that the supplier was providing a good quality service but we were asked to assess quality against market norms and benchmark their costs to determine whether the cost was likely to be improved upon by the FM market generally. 


Our client was the UK operations of a Global Financial Service Business services with over 50 million customers throughout the world (individuals and businesses). In total, they had over 100,000 employees working in around fifty countries. 

We undertook a review of FM provision in their operational buildings (including Life and Insurance) and prepared a strategy to improve performance and value for money. We also supported them procure facilities management services at circa 40 of their largest properties. 

Change Management

Our client was a UK University and the cleaning, security, portering and logisitics service was perceived to be underperforming. We worked with the in-house team through the following three stages

  1. Define objectives

  2. Develop the change plan 

  3. Implementation (Delivery to achieve objectives)

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