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Case Study

Our client was the UK operations of a Global Financial Service Business services with over 50 million customers throughout the world (individuals and businesses). In total, they had over 100,000 employees working in around fifty countries. 

We undertook a review of FM provision in their operational buildings (including Life and Insurance) and prepared a strategy to improve performance and value for money. We also supported them procure facilities management services at circa 40 of their largest properties. 

Initially we undertook interviews and desk top research to understand the needs of the business, how the current FM provision is meeting that need and the gap between need and provision. We used this information and our knowledge of the FM industry to evaluate options and make recommendations for change.

A key issue facing the business in relation to FM was that management information was fragmented across the whole business to the degree that there were no effective measures of overall value for money.

Following detailed analysis it was possible to construct a cost for FM and on this basis savings in excess of 15% were perceived to be realistic. 

It was recommended that a consolidated contract with bespoke service levels with each business unit was constructed for the 42 largest properties in the portfolio.

We managed the tender process, including market engagement, developing the tender documentation and evaluating the bids. We also supported the Insurance division during mobilisation to help ensure a successful transfer to the new supplier.

We provided an independent view that analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the current service. Our knowledge of the FM supplier market and what it had to offer allowed us to correctly assess the benefits of outsourcing in this instance and to help realise significant savings whilst also bringing the necessary controls and management information into place to ensure effective management in the long term.

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