FM Reviews and Strategies

We help clients to review and improve value for money of facilities services and estates performance. We can either work with clients to focus on particular areas of performance (property, facilties, teams, cost) or undertake a more wide ranging review of a group of issues.

As part of our reviews we develop a clear understanding of the organisational need for the service. We use benchmarking information to challenge current performance and establish appropriate targets.


Typically questions we have helped occupiers answer include:

Does our current supply chain reflect best value in the market and if not what is the preferred strategy to ensure we achieve best value?

How do we improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our in-house team?

Should we deliver FM services using an in-house team or should we outsource?

What is the most cost-effective estate (type / location / utilisation of properties) that we should operate that will achieve our operational objectives?

For our international portfolio are we better off having a single global contractor or should we have a regional solution?

Should we bundle facilities, estates and project services with one supplier or will we have better value by separating these functions?

How do we know which service levels we need to include in our contract?

What KPI's should we have in place to ensure we manage our suppliers properly?


Typically questions we have helped suppliers answer include:

How can we improve our performance to ensure that we are likely to retain the contract?

What is our market share in a sector and what tactics do we need to adopt to improve market share?

What is the perception of our clients and the market generally to our service and are there any factors we should change?

Should we self deliver or sub contract in European / Global markets?