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Partnership Review

Landmark Partnership Review is for Suppliers and Clients who want to refresh and improve existing relationships; to ensure services reflect market best practice and value for money. 

It is a review into which both client and supplier have equal input. The Review is structured and collaborative, is facilitated independently and leverages Landmark’s wide market experience and benchmarking information.

Clients often complain, that their Facilities Management suppliers:  
  • Rarely provide effective strategic support

  • Often only re-evaluate their offer at re-tender

  • Are weak at providing appropriate innovation and continuous improvement.

Capable suppliers and clients also recognise the client plays a critical part in the delivery of successful continuous improvement process.  

PAIR’s helps occupiers and suppliers to align and improve FM & Estates contracts

Partnership Review help Clients and Suppliers identify opportunities for FM to continuously improve its alignment to business need; forming the basis of an account development plan that has benefit to both parties.

Specific benefits for clients are:

  • Service delivery in line with business objectives and closer alignment with business requirements

  • Supplier innovation focussed on what really matters to the client business

  • Better continuous improvement of property and FM services


For suppliers typically benefits include:

  • Longer term contracts as suppliers demonstrate they constantly align their service to meet client needs and provide demonstrable value for money

  • Supports development of other areas of business as wider Client requirements are understood.

  • Greater focus for innovation and continuous improvement, reducing investment time to provide client added value ​


Partnership Review
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