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PFI Expiry

PFI Expiry Consulting

Our PFI Team expertise spans the full life cycle of PFI contracts, acting for clients to review current performance and exit PFI contracts

Our Exit support can range from a light touch acting as a “critical friend” through to full support as a subject matter expert. We are flexible in the way we deliver our project support and can provide interim staff as well as delivering specific aspects of the exit strategy.

We have wide ranging public sector experience particularly supporting PFI contracts throughout their life cycles including more recently the exit of first generation PFI contracts. We also have extensive experience developing Target Operating Models and supporting the business case for estates strategies required post PFI Expiry.

Preparing for Exit

All organisations who have PFI contracts need to think well in advance of the end date and start the internal dialogue about the exit strategy and to actively engage with the PFI contractor to ensure there is a satisfactory mutual exit. Allowing time for a compliant PFI Exit means that a PFI Contract need be no more problematic than exiting other large contracts.

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